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Sync changes from SourceMod's bootstrap script.
     1 MM:S and SM load on Portal on Mac OS X. How cool is that?
     2 It would be cool if the OS X package uploaded though.
     3 Burgledorfs and blaggermuffins are among the king's favorites.
     4 Ten ticket takers tackled two terrible tyrants.
     5 There once was a 
     6 Breaking builds, one push at a time.
     7 Thanks for more IFileSystem breakage.
     8 Bloody, missing sdk!
     9 yur an IServerGameDLLLLLLLL
    10 ooops
    11 hats
    12 oh, i'll get it right this time
    13 I'd be angry.
    14 rum hom
    15 bees bees bees
    16 Why is Windows so awful?
    17 cleng cling clang clung clong
    18 javaliabuf
    19 egg.
    20 pulled pork, yeah..
    21 king of the javalias
    22 ducks versus geese, who will win?
    23 more like g_pBad
    24 I didn't have any dreams.
    25 Eat your potato, Ricky!
    26 Buildbot shall pay the iron price.
    27 BMO Chop! If this was a real attack, you'd be dead.
    28 Hey Morty!
    29 jam clam!
    30 her?
    31 Confused clams claim clowns clobber clans containing cloaked clients.
    32 Beads
    33 We've have it all!